MEC workshop

MEC 8 - South Africa, 18-20 May 2011 

The IEA Clean Coal Centre has been running the Mercury Emissions from Coal (MEC) experts meeting annually since 2003 and in this time it has been held in Europe (Scotland, Poland and Slovenia), North America (Toronto), Asia (Tokyo) and Australia (Newcastle, NSW). For 2011, the meeting will be moving for the first time to Africa. MEC was previously run as an invitation only meeting. However, the meeting is now open to general attendance, numbers permitting, to maximise discussion and information exchange.

The MEC workshop series was established to facilitate the interaction of international experts representing the utilities, governmental bodies, research institutes and commercial industries, allowing discussion of how they can work together to address the problem of mercury emissions from coal combustion.

The UN Environment Programme is currently working on the Global Mercury Treaty. During INC1, the first round of the UNEP International Negotiating Committee in Sweden, over 180+ countries and their lawyers discussed the basis for an Internationally Legally Binding Convention on Mercury Pollution. The UNEP convention covers the 4 main areas of mercury production and release: mercury in waste; mercury in chloralkali plants; -  mercury in gold mining; and mercury from coal combustion for power generation. IEA CCC leads the partnership working on reductions in this last area. MEC8 will therefore also serve as a UNEP Coal Partnership meeting to update UNEP Coal Partnership members on the current and plant projects within the target countries of China, India, South Africa and Russia.

Presentations from previous MEC meetings are available on the IEA CCC website. Please apply for a password from